The Top 5 Halal Buffets In London

We all have those long days when we just want to shovel large amounts of food into our mouths. That's probably why someone came up with the concept of all you can eat buffets. London has many buffets offering various cuisines, so it's no surprise that some of the most popular and well known are served in halal restaurants.

  1. Royal Nawaab London

Cuisine: Indian and Pakistani
Location: Greenford
Parking: Secure free parking for guests.
Price: Mon-Thurs dinner: £17.75, Fri-Sun: £19.95
Children aged four to eleven, Mon- Thurs: £8, Fri-Sun: £10
Dietary Information: Only Halal food and non-alcoholic drinks.

You may not have heard of Greenford, as it’s quite a residential area, but most people don’t realise it’s just a stone’s throw away from central London and it’s made easily accessible by the central line. The buffet at Naawab costs £20 per person but is completely worth it, as there are so many dishes on offer, from traditional Indian food to refreshing Lebanese style salads. The venue itself is huge and has a classy atmosphere and décor, which makes it a great place to go with the whole family. There is also a branch in Manchester, which proves the food must be great if they’re expanding nationwide.

nawaab halal buffets london


  1. Chaudry’s

Cuisine: Indian, Pakistani, Asian
Location: Edmonton
Parking: Mainly metered parking around the restaurant.
Price: Mon-Thurs dinner: £10.99, Fri-Sun: £13.99
Children aged three to ten: £5.99
Dietary Information: Only Halal and serves non-alcoholic drinks.

This buffet restaurant is known for the easy-going atmosphere and tasty food. There is a wide range of starters to try such as pakoras, samosas and bhaji’s, as for the mains, the nihari is delicious, so give it a try. The restaurant is pretty no-frills but is good for sampling different styles of food like BBQ, curries, oriental style food and grilled meats. Chaudry’s is revered for its local feel and authentic food, which is definitely ideal for a casual meal for two.

halal buffets london


  1. Al Qasr Restaurant

Cuisine: Pakistani and Indian
Location: Ilford
Parking: Free parking for guests.
Price: Adults: £12.95
Children under six eat for free.
Dietary Information: Halal, gluten-free, vegetarian options and serves non-alcoholic drinks.

Al Qasr has a buffet menu available on their website, which is useful so you can daydream about the food before getting there. If you have a sweet tooth and love traditional Pakistani desserts, then you’ll be very happy to see kheer and halwa on the menu. If you’re more of a savoury person, then there’s a wide range of hot dishes from biryani, keema and even daal. The relaxed yet sophisticated feel makes Al Qasr a nice place to spend an evening meal with your loved ones.

al qasr halal buffets london


  1. Nabrasa

Cuisine: Brazilian
Location: Uxbridge and Brick Lane
Parking: Parking available on surrounding streets.
Price: £20
Dietary Information: Halal meat served, but some cuts may not be, so double check with the staff. They serves alcohol.

If you’ve always wanted to try a Brazilian barbeque, then Nabrasa is the place to go since the meat is Halal. To be on the safe side, double check with the staff once you’re there, to make sure there are no meats or dishes to avoid. This restaurant is a meat lover’s paradise, offering chicken and beef. There are many cuts of meat to try, so why not try it all and surely you’ll leave feeling satisfied. To accompany your meat there is a salad bar since we all need to pretend to be healthy sometimes.

halal buffets london


  1. Spice Village

Cuisine: Indian
Location: Ilford
Parking: Free parking for guests.
Price: Adults: £13.99
Children under ten: £7. Children under 5: Free
Dietary Information: Halal and serves non-alcoholic drinks.

The buffet is located in the Ilford restaurant and is without a doubt worth visiting. Spice Village is not only Halal, but the restaurant is also alcohol-free. The prices for the buffet menu are probably some of the most affordable in London, with adults paying £13.99, kids under the age of ten pay £7 and kids under the age of five go free. With the diverse range of food and easy prices, it’s worth taking every member of your extended family too. Don’t leave without devouring one of the desserts, they offer falooda, ras malai, kulfi and ice cream for the little ones, whatever you choose it’s bound to leave a sweet taste in your mouth.

halal buffets london


What’s there not to love? Buffets are affordable and made for those days when you want to eat every delicious dish that comes to your mind. So as well as being halal, the restaurants serve everything from curries to vegetarian options and mouth-watering desserts, so you can eat your heart out.



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